Until You Forget

Until You Forget

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Playlist for Lunas Cafe, July 21st 2011

A Single Drop


a single drop is all it takes

to make a rainbow


On the bottom half,

Kissed with mist

Everywhere I look through

I see reflections of blue

Yet try as I might

Whenever I watch the water

Straight on

All I see is light

Spooky Night

Over low moans, cries from a distance

the rusty iron gate

to the graveyard squeaks open-

grasp my other hand tightly

as the only sign of warmth…

Are you scared, dear?

Well, I am too;

As brave as I can be,

so can you;

on this spooky night we two…

Blue ghosts adrift in the leaves

speak of our names in other lives; the shadows

take their hands and play

in a dance at the edge of death and life;

Tombstone teeth smile atop the hill

where tolls the old broken bell,

where moss is green as abandoned fields,

where the marshy thickness swells;

Are you scared, dear?

Well, I am too;

As brave as I can be,

so can you;

on this spooky night we two…

A Set of Wet Footprints

That’s how it is:

When you read someone else’s work

There’s a certain permanence

The words acquire on the page,

And we accept them as they are

As they will always be-

In fact it helps if the author

Is dead and you don’t personally

Know them-

You understand those words

Are a memorial, a last testament

To will, effort and grace…

Our own work however

Is often a wildness of uncertainty

A canvas of mistakes

A display case of unsaid things,

Unreached achievements

Missed targets strewn over

A field of busted arrows.

And the occasional perfect or perfected line.

For us the words

Are what’s left

After the journey, a set of wet footprints

Leading down toward the sea, the reason

We came.

Let It All the Way In

Let everything way in

Let the way in

Let it all the way in

Let the fresh grass cut you

Let the cars roll all over you

Let the sky rises elevate your head

Let the bag lady’s quiet cries of despair

Tear at the backs of your eyes

Let the season of everyone’s weather

Align you which way the wind is blowing

Let anger be cold dignity

Let lies be testimony

Let truth be self-evident

Let One Way arrows point into you

Street lights shine inside you

Let your frailty and fear be overwhelmed

By the reservoir within

Without you

Let the trees draw the sun

Down to the roots of you

Let the white lines be themselves

Let the danger alight on one shoulder,

Wondrous beauty on the other

Let distances expand you

Let every moment of potential romance

Be every moment

Let a harsh word destroy you

And a compliment burn away the ashes

Let every decision bear its full weight upon you

Let your mistakes shine brightly

Let your shame be hugged

Let your deepest wish merge

With where you are

Let nothing stand in the way of everything

Let everything in

Let it way in

Let the way in

Let it all the way in

And you will know

Who’s been writing this poem

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