Until You Forget

Until You Forget

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Flawed Aphrodite

We emerge from eternity
And slip back to its dream
Like a flawed Aphrodite
Risen from the sea

A momentary stretch
Of dawning intentions
Like a single day's sunlight
Over the tops of mountains

Expressing a single, perfect direction
Despite the air of death's imperfections,
Or perhaps reflecting a wisdom
Drawn from them

We rise like poems
From the collective churning,
Singular waves summoned
From the motion of rolling

Skin the color of the milk we give
And like no other mortal
To suffer and love

Eyes a reflecting shell of suns
As we gaze towards a birthplace
Of stars above

Just a swirl of feelings
Wrapped up
In a temporary string
Of elements

A necklace drawn back
To the tidal pool
And broken apart
To its last components

By our inescapable living
In the gravity that surrounds us
And the indefinable lines
Of that rule which has bound us

To be simply seeds
For a formless motion-
A coral chair, borrowed book,
A lover's back
Against the ocean

Somehow winding up
For an instant like a god
In this temporary kingdom-
A single drop
Of running blood
In some elaborate body
Breathing its freedom.


mysticgmekeepr said...

Absolutely stunning...took my breath a way , you did:-)
Amazing how some of your poems do that to me so exquisitly. You really do hone it to perfection, admirable, and rewarding for the reader...the walker on the imprint of your words.

Max said...

Thanks! I do think of myself as a craftsperson, and don't like to share something I'm not satisfied with- though I don't think I've ever written anything I would consider "perfect"